Monday, July 14, 2014

New life old me~

Guess it's again, another drastic change in my life... From student to banker, I learn new things especially in term of communication skill. But now again, from banker I step into another totally different world...

This time, I begin my flying destiny. Becoming a cabin crew, people asked, aren't you afraid of flying so frequently? Don't you worry about all the incident and accident that happened recently? Will you scare to fly? All these question coming in like unstoppable bullet. But yes, I am not worrying not afraid. Lols...

I believe the most dangerous job will leave to bravest person to accomplish. While my job is just simply taking care of people need during their very short period of flying time. There's nothing to be proud of becoming a crew, as our job is just like any servicing line people in ground, providing what customers want and keep them comfortable. However, one major thing different from them is our first priority is our passengers' safety. 
The moment we put on our uniform and aircraft door closed, every passengers' safety count on us. We have the duty to make their journey safe and at the same time wonderful flight experience. 

So, let's just enjoy the stress of this job and do my best... Happy flying to all my batch mates and colleagues...

And I am finally graduated too... Muahaha... See you guys on board one day perhaps? 😁😘

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New bank New me!

It's been a long time that I didn't log in here again...

I wonder why I always tend to absent here... But I am sure of one thing... Whenever I feel depressed, lonely, boring or should said negative mood, I will be here...

Blogging always brought back my thought and that's how I release my negative energy too... But hopefully people who saw this won't be affected of course... Haha....

Anyway, I have moved to new bank... Again... This is my third job ever since I graduated. Some people ask me why keep changing job, is it a norm for banker... I not sure is it a norm for others but for my own view... Changing from wealth to mortgage, my intention is just simple as I wanted to... Cause I always thought of becoming a mortgage banker!

But from mortgage again I change to SME, is a challenge I took for myself. Cause I been mortgage industry for more than a year and I feel like people tend to be living in their comfort zone once they get use to it and laziness... Seems to leak out day by day... Therefore, I took a challenge to move out from my comfort zone.

Besides, it is glad that I pick the boss that willing to teach. Just the matter that am I capable to cope as fast as he taught me... I been wondering since I move to SME, it's time for me to do a changes... Change that can help me become a greater person with personality, mature thinking an so on...

But come to real life, I notice I am still a childish girl... No doubt I am playful, uncontrollable, and most importantly I have a real bad temper (towards my closer friend and family of course!)...

So, I am still thinking how to change in this way and thanks for my family who accept the way I am and those who feel irritate with my attitude, I have to apologize to them and I am still trying... At least for now... (Not sure one day if I fed up and give up, haha...)

Hopefully I can transform to new me... Haha

Tuesday, May 22, 2012













Such a good day where a pretty stewardess from SIA is going to marry!

Andy, Axtan, Kevin, Sherlynn and I have purposely go all the way from KL to Kluang to attend Andy's sister wedding. Basically we reached there and do nothing by the first day but only waiting to eat.

The next morning, everyone is waking up so early whereby only five of us are still sleeping in the room. Really feel "pai seh" le... However, the bride is super gorgeous and pretty~!!!

Five of us posting.

(Sherlynn and I are even wearing the white dress prepared by Andy's sis, thank you~!!!)
Cheese~~~ It's a wonderful day
When we are there~!
Forgetting about others, we are crazily taking photo among 5 of us.
Bride getting off the car. Beautiful bride!
After the morning session, we are so tired and went back to the house rented by Andy's parents.
Thinking back the games that we have for the groom and his "heng dai", it is actually too lenient... However, since it is a big day and as long as everyone is happy, we are also enjoying the process.

After our nap time, it's time to prepare for dinner again...

Groom & Bride
They can never grow up~!!!
Axtan acting cute  ^@^
Some more with a lots of stewardess
Formal boy vs "Old boy" with cute face
People take photo, he also rushing to take.... "Hiao"~!!!!

Flower boy and Flower girl
Sherlynn and I with stewardess friends
I really like the two flower boy and girl so much~! They are so cute and innocent. The boy even claim that the little girl is his girl friend and holding her hand running throughout the event! Kids nowadays...

After the dinner, one of the groom's friend did came and ask whether we have enough drink or not. And we tell him that none of us are served with liquor. Immediately he brought a bottle of Chivas Regal for us and the faster record I ever have so far I guess.... We done it within 10mins~!!!

After that bottle done, we actually take another 1 bottle. Axtan and Kevin were keep playing games with Tim (the pretty stewardess with shoulder length hair) and i have no idea how much they took, I just remember I help to drink as well  and yet....


They drunk~!!!

And the result of drunk, Kevin need to help Andy wash car... **Dai Sei** Ho ho ho...

"Meng Nan" Wash Car

Before we leave the house, environment there is super good and refreshing.
But my face look super round... Maybe last night drinking result...

We are enjoying Kluang breakfast... Not bad

It is really a fun experience and I am glad that I am invited to attend this wedding. Wish both of them enjoy their days and live happily as the story always end...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another weekend has past, I am about to face the reality AGAIN... Because tomorrow is Monday and I am about to know whether things can get through or NOT...

A reality that worried me so much and yet I can't do anything except keep praying for the best... It would definitely become a big torturing period for me from now till tomorrow morning...

Sometimes I wonder should I continue what I am currently doing or should I just give myself a break? I have totally lost my way and thanks god I have a geng of good buddy where they really did give me some encouragement and even lending me their hand without asking back anything.


However, I don't mean I wanna leave the world so easily la... Somehow, it is still as beautiful as I know. Just because of one or two tough things won't kill me...

Stay tough and strong! Love the people who love me too... Thanks guys...

Friday, May 18, 2012








善哉 善哉

Monday, April 16, 2012


2011年的我真的好烂噢... 一整年,才不到5页,真的亏待了自己吖... 想想第一个1/4都已经过去了,我还在干嘛?是时候发奋了!人生目标也还没定...干嘛的要被逼着去管别人的事?

虽说我是"观音命",但也不至于要帮别人想未来吖... @@ 老板这也太抬举我吧,我何得何能来激励别人呐?个人认为,倘若要别人帮你想未来,逼你去打倒障碍,还不如你有觉悟之心来的好...


与其这样,还不如自己寻找。年轻就是要撞墙,才懂得痛... 懂得痛,才不会再下一次又忙匆匆的掉回同一个潭。